Library makes women’s history visible

Turkey can look back on long struggles of women´s movements - and also today a lot of women go to the streets, still calling for equal rights. But thumbing through most of the history books there is not a word about it. 25 years ago an institution was founded to make Turkish women´s history visible.

Svenja Haas

14/04/15 - 16:48


Time to say Goodbye for Erasmus students


Erasmus students say farewell to Bilgi at a dinner party at Papaz. They tell about their impressions about Turkey and university life on the campus.

Sara Rehm

13/05/15 - 15:40

An orange birthday bash


In a well-groomed garden full of orange lampions men and women who are mostly dressed up fancily in orange, dance, have a drink or grab a snack at one out of many buffets. The Dutch people seem to know well how to celebrate their King’s birthday – and they love it.

Sara Rehm

29/04/15 - 14:37

Veggie or not, a place to congregate


It is a unique location. Film screenings, live performances, exhibitions and every different idea and emancipative thought people bring to Teneffüs. There are lots of pictures at the brick walls and small things to explore in every corner of the room. Teneffüs is a good deal more than a place to grab some vegan food.

Svenja Haas

14/04/15 - 16:57

How to save Yedikule’s bostans


The impending destruction of Istanbul’s historic Yedikule bostanları (vegetable gardens) is not only the loss of yet another green space; it is the end of an agricultural era and practices that date back 1500 years. When walking along the road outside the city walls in Yedikule, you will find a rather unusual sight. All along the city walls are endless little vegetable gardens, the so- called bostans.

Saskia Belcher

23/12/14 - 13:53

Erasmus students: spending Christmas home or in Istanbul?


While by mid-December, Christmas and New Year’s decorations are being hanged on Taksim and Istiklal, it’s time for Erasmus students to decide whether they want to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul or back home.While by mid-December, Christmas and New Year’s decorations are being hanged on Taksim and Istiklal, it’s time for Erasmus students to decide whether they want to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul or back home.

Louise van Dosselaere

20/12/14 - 21:57

Cultural events to save Bozcaada from cement


Bozcaada, is an island of the Aegean Sea at the opening of the Dardanelles. It is still an authentic island. But all this could be gone in a few years’ time, as the Turkish government instead of preserving it has made plans to open the island to profitable mass tourism.

Dario D'Angelo

20/12/14 - 18:36

If you’ve killed a cat, you need to build a mosque to be forgiven by God.


They walk on roofs, occupy the most comfy chairs in bars, take sunbaths in front of mosques and join you for coffee. Wherever you go in Istanbul, there will be at least one cat around you.

Myriam Pegler

18/12/14 - 18:01

Soccer fans accused of coup attempt


In an unparalleled in history case 35 soccer fans of Besiktas face trial in Istanbul on charges of attempting to overthrow the government. They explain how their group called the Carsi (Market) functions.

Bastien Augey, Niyazi Dalyancı

17/12/14 - 22:05

Pros and cons of “Skyping”


Virtual communication has become a common form of interpersonal exchange, for some it may be delusive and alien for others it can even generate a sense of intimacy. Although I am a regular user of Skype myself, I have somewhat ambivalent feelings towards this form of communication.

Saskia Belcher

3/12/14 - 17:53

Living, where the parents came from


The current generation of young Germans with Turkish roots is often confronted with the question “Where are you from originally?”. Many of them decide, depending on their social background, to be “German” or “Turkish” - but have to be both nevertheless.

Niklas Rathsmann

3/12/14 - 17:03

100th Anniversary of Turkish women in academia


An exhibition at the Greek Consulate’s cultural center Sismanoglio Megaro on Istiklal street celebrates the centennial of Turkish women’s gaining access to higher education.

Melis Yüksel

3/12/14 - 16:51

“Why the Pope did not spend more time in Turkey?”


Pope Francis garnered a lot of sympathy from the locals during his three-day visit to Turkey last week. But there were also those who wanted him to spend some time with the Christians from the trouble spots Syria and Iraq living as refugees in this country.

Dominik Speck

1/12/14 - 11:41

Experiencing darkness


Dialogue in the Dark is a workshop that offers you to understand the visually impaired people and experience their daily life.The exhibition and workshop at the Gayrettepe metro station in Istanbul give you an opportunity to explore how it is to go about your daily chores in stark darkness.

Melis Yüksel

26/11/14 - 18:03

A unique Istanbul feature: Galata Bridge fishermen


Sitting on a little cement bench is a good exercise in order to stare the fishermen on the Galata Bridge. They stand on the bridge as if they have nothing precise to do, no appointments to attend, no existence to scrape out, as if the hysterical heart beats of this life don’t even touch them lightly.

Stefano Lorusso

24/11/14 - 14:04

Türk kahvesi, tell me what you see…


Reading fortunes from the coffee grounds left in a cup is an age old Turkish tradition. Here is a personal experience with its traditional background.

Louise van Doosselaere

24/11/14 - 13:37

A moving museum in a car park


The 4th, 5th and 6th floor of Sishane Car Park in Beyoglu is turned into The Moving Museum. The exhibition covers a total of 80.000 square feet consisting of the walls of the car park and they are all painted in distinct colors of red, green and yellow.

Tonje Oliversen

19/11/14 - 09:49

Michelangelo: From Milan to streets of Istanbul to sing


Michelangelo Severgnini studied jazz in Milan’s Civica Scuola di Musica. He is now making music in the streets of Istanbul with a band of road musicians calling themselves Kara Gunes (Black Sun). He explains his music and his life philosophy.

Dario D'Angelo

11/11/14 - 22:17

A treat with Norwegian fish sandwich at the Galata Bridge


Galata Bridge is one of the busiest areas on the European side of the Bosporus, connecting the Old Town and Beyoglu. It is also home to “Balik Ekmek” – Fish-in-Bread – a must have if you are into street food.

Jakop Nielsen

28/10/14 - 17:18


25 October Tuesday

Kronik Medya

Is selfie becoming an epidemic?

Stefano Lorusso

There are those who photograph themselves in the metro with a bored face, those who do it during a party with friends, those who do it during a funeral while they’re crying, and those who do it while sleeping with a partner. Every moment is good for a selfie.

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  • Free your library!

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  • Archaeologists restore the temple of Hadrian in Ephesus

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  • Are the students being ripped off at the campus?

    Studying in a private university does not make students rich. Everything that is sold from water to cookies at the Bilgi University’s campus has extremely high prices. The result was a boycott held by students at the students’ cafeteria.

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  • Women robbed of their future

    Documentary film “Playhouse” tells the story of 5.5 million women in Turkey who are or were child brides. Filmmaker Bingol Elmas explains the stories behind these child marriages.

    17/10/12 - 13:11

  • David Harvey at Bilgi: Urban organization to beat crises of capitalism

    A different kind of urbanization of which the main movers will be the excluded masses who cannot exercise their right to the city is needed to overcome the recurrent crises of capitalism, famous British social scientist David Harvey told a packed auditorium at the Bilgi University.

    10/06/12 - 23:50

  • “Silent witnesses of their times”

    Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, widely known as Kapali Carsi (Covered Bazaar) is full of amazing surprises. Murat Bilir who has a liliputian shop selling what he terms as “cultural objects” is one of those surprises. He has a story to go with each artifact he displays.

    20/05/12 - 23:40

  • A ghost story from bustling Beyoglu

    Stories don’t need to be true to be good. The one I’m about to tell you is partly true and partly speculation. Or what else would you expect from a ghost story?

    23/11/11 - 00:57

  • Journalism: A dying profession?

    Next to his job as professor at Bilgi University, Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin is also a renowned journalist whose latest book is called ‘Final notes on a dying profession’ and deals with the future of Turkish media. When it comes to Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin, that future is anything but rosy.

    15/11/11 - 01:01

  • A traveling Czech in a most unlikely place

    What the heck a Czech girl passing the Islamic feast of sacrifice in a remote village with only five houses in eastern Turkey near the Armenian border? Moreover, she is in this country for the first time.

    6/12/10 - 15:57

  • An English philosopher at football stand

    Stephen Mumford is the head of Humanities School at Nottingham University, U.K. He is a philosophy teacher with a PhD. From Leeds University entitled “Dispositions and Reductionism.” But this introduction should not mislead the reader. He is by no means a long-haired, bearded, spectacled, and pensive philosopher. This is maybe due to his interest in football that goes back to his childhood years.

    25/04/10 - 18:19

  • Polonezkoy: Struggling to preserve its Polish identity

    In the Istanbul suburb, surrounded by woods in the company of wild animals lies a place which used to be called by the inhabitants, the ‘Polish oasis in foreign land’. More than a century-and-half after its foundation Polonezkoy is struggling to retain its Polish character.

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