A moving museum in a car park

The 4th, 5th and 6th floor of Sishane Car Park in Beyoglu is turned into The Moving Museum. The exhibition covers a total of 80.000 square feet consisting of the walls of the car park and they are all painted in distinct colors of red, green and yellow.

Tonje Oliversen

19/11/14 - 09:49


Michelangelo: From Milan to streets of Istanbul to sing


Michelangelo Severgnini studied jazz in Milan’s Civica Scuola di Musica. He is now making music in the streets of Istanbul with a band of road musicians calling themselves Kara Gunes (Black Sun). He explains his music and his life philosophy.

Dario D'Angelo

11/11/14 - 22:17

A treat with Norwegian fish sandwich at the Galata Bridge


Galata Bridge is one of the busiest areas on the European side of the Bosporus, connecting the Old Town and Beyoglu. It is also home to “Balik Ekmek” – Fish-in-Bread – a must have if you are into street food.

Jakop Nielsen

28/10/14 - 17:18

Did anybody hear of Goboca?


f you are tired of the big city life, and are longing for a holiday with fresh air, mountains and nature, the village of Goboca may be the place to be.

Tonje Oliversen

28/10/14 - 17:07

Pictures from all over the World exhibited in Beşiktaş


Beşiktaş International Festival of Photography will last until November 18th. For the occasion, more than 50 photographers from all over the World exhibit their work on the street and in a dilapidated orphanage.

Bastien Augey

28/10/14 - 16:55

Borussia Dortmund wins, Istanbul stays peaceful


Borussia Dortmund cemented their place at the top of Champions League Group D with a dominant 4-0 victory at Galatasaray on Wednesday. Unlike some guest supporters’ fears of a rowdy aftermath the nights in Istanbul’s streets and bars were calm.

Lea Auffarth

23/10/14 - 17:51

Free your library!


A new social circle is growing based on lending and borrowing actual books, through the internet. The idea is to upload the covers of the books in your library to the web and then meet the people who want to borrow them. Thus building new friendships and acquaintances.

Kübra Aksu

5/06/14 - 14:24

“Spoken Word”: A new feature of cultural Istanbul


The Spoken Word Istanbul is a cultural event unique in Istanbul. It gathers poets, musicians, actors, story tellers and expats from all over the world. It is an invitation to present one’s work, may it be a poem, a song, a joke, regardless of the quality of the piece.

Dominic Horinek

5/06/14 - 14:14

“Society has the problem – not me!“

Although Turkey is among the most liberal Islamic influenced countries, homosexuals face tough discrimination in everyday life. To see what life is like when you happen to be gay and live in Istanbul, we talked with Murat.

Felix Mergemeier

19/05/14 - 18:21

Separate prison for LBGT revives gay rights debate


Protesting voices rose when Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag announced plans to separate LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) people from other inmates in Turkish prisons.

Markus Däubler

19/05/14 - 18:04

Career challenges too big for Turkish university grads


Job instability, bad payment or even overdue salaries or wages – these are just some compromises of Turkey´s young university graduates have to accept in order to find their first job.

Nina Rathfelder

30/04/14 - 12:21

Going on a Walk with Art


”Feeling the city trough art“, that’s how Ekta Hamand from India describes her Artwalk experience. It took her on a trip through Nişantaşı and Akaretler, showing the neighborhoods through the eyes of art.

Nina Rathfelder

30/04/14 - 11:43

“You have to be focused in every second”


İsmet Cihan is one of the most experienced ferry captains on the Bosporus. The 52-year old is steering the “MS Fahri Korutürk”, a 2,100 passenger-capacity ferry. He is talking about how his love for the sea developed, what hidden risks the Bosporus holds and why his family is sometimes feels jealous of his ship.

Samuel Philipp Acker

21/04/14 - 19:32

Archaeologists restore the temple of Hadrian in Ephesus


A team of archaeologists from the Austrian Archaeological Institute are restoring the Temple of Hadrian in Ephesus. The antique monument accessible for tourists again by July 2014 leading archaeologist says.

Dominic Horinek

18/04/14 - 14:18

Erasmus suspension looming over Turkey


Erasmus is big in Turkey. Roughly 12.000 students use the exchange program of the European Union to leave the country every year. But now, an alleged corruption scandal in the National Erasmus Agency In Ankara threatens the continuance of the program for Turkey. The possible suspension of Erasmus might alienate young Turks from the EU.

Samuel Philipp Acker

18/03/14 - 16:58

Are the students being ripped off at the campus?


Studying in a private university does not make students rich. Everything that is sold from water to cookies at the Bilgi University’s campus has extremely high prices. The result was a boycott held by students at the students’ cafeteria.

Ceren Öztoprak, Kübra Aksu

24/12/13 - 16:25

Women robbed of their future


Documentary film “Playhouse” tells the story of 5.5 million women in Turkey who are or were child brides. Filmmaker Bingol Elmas explains the stories behind these child marriages.

Sandra Sperling

17/10/12 - 13:11


24 November Monday

Kronik Medya

Am I a hipster if I don’t want a smartphone?

Louise van Doosselaere

By 2020, two thirds of the mobile connections should be through a smartphone (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association). As we entered the “smartphone decade” a few years ago already, I feel totally left out because… I still don’t have a smartphone, and I probably won’t get one any sooner.

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  • May Day impressions: Summer storms might follow

    May Day in Istanbul. Erasmus student from Germany writes his impressions. He walked up to the DISK headquarters only after the clashes subsided to see demonstrators playing marbles and “hop-scotch” in front of the TOMA vehicles blocking the street where the DISK headquarters are located.

    2/05/14 - 17:38

  • David Harvey at Bilgi: Urban organization to beat crises of capitalism

    A different kind of urbanization of which the main movers will be the excluded masses who cannot exercise their right to the city is needed to overcome the recurrent crises of capitalism, famous British social scientist David Harvey told a packed auditorium at the Bilgi University.

    10/06/12 - 23:50

  • “Silent witnesses of their times”

    Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, widely known as Kapali Carsi (Covered Bazaar) is full of amazing surprises. Murat Bilir who has a liliputian shop selling what he terms as “cultural objects” is one of those surprises. He has a story to go with each artifact he displays.

    20/05/12 - 23:40

  • Istanbul, the most beautiful and the most ugly”

    Istanbul is the most beautiful city in Europe and at the same time the most ugly one according to Kai Strittmatter, the correspondent of the influential German daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung” who published recently a book entitled “Gebrauchsanweisung für Istanbul” that can be translated as “Users Manual for Istanbul.

    6/05/12 - 21:07

  • German on the road

    The purpose of the program is to motivate young Turks to learn German as their second or third foreign language. For this purpose a German bus has been traveling all over Turkey with young lecturers from Germany taking turns on board since September 2010.

    2/05/12 - 02:47

  • Visiting SALT: A hub of cultural activity

    The place is called simply SALT. It has the widest range of cultural activity from urban problems to film shows. The visitors can contribute too.

    22/12/11 - 03:36

  • Europeans learn Islamic banking

    The crisis shaking the financial world leads to new trends one of which is Islamic banking. In Brussels, two training courses are launched for those who want to learn everything about Islamic banking. ‘If everybody would have banked according to the sharia’, one of the organizers says, ‘there would be no crisis’.

    11/12/11 - 22:42

  • KREK: A complete new approach to theater

    At Santral Istanbul KREK theater is displaying a new approach to dramaturgy. Their works are also going to be performed in Europe.

    25/11/11 - 01:58

  • A ghost story from bustling Beyoglu

    Stories don’t need to be true to be good. The one I’m about to tell you is partly true and partly speculation. Or what else would you expect from a ghost story?

    23/11/11 - 00:57

  • Journalism: A dying profession?

    Next to his job as professor at Bilgi University, Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin is also a renowned journalist whose latest book is called ‘Final notes on a dying profession’ and deals with the future of Turkish media. When it comes to Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin, that future is anything but rosy.

    15/11/11 - 01:01

  • A traveling Czech in a most unlikely place

    What the heck a Czech girl passing the Islamic feast of sacrifice in a remote village with only five houses in eastern Turkey near the Armenian border? Moreover, she is in this country for the first time.

    6/12/10 - 15:57

  • An English philosopher at football stand

    Stephen Mumford is the head of Humanities School at Nottingham University, U.K. He is a philosophy teacher with a PhD. From Leeds University entitled “Dispositions and Reductionism.” But this introduction should not mislead the reader. He is by no means a long-haired, bearded, spectacled, and pensive philosopher. This is maybe due to his interest in football that goes back to his childhood years.

    25/04/10 - 18:19

  • Polonezkoy: Struggling to preserve its Polish identity

    In the Istanbul suburb, surrounded by woods in the company of wild animals lies a place which used to be called by the inhabitants, the ‘Polish oasis in foreign land’. More than a century-and-half after its foundation Polonezkoy is struggling to retain its Polish character.

    17/10/09 - 17:54