A Step Back in Media Freedom

Turkish government used a court ruling to close access to Twitter weeks after passing a law allowing internet censorship. Markus Däubler writes about the internet ban and how to beat it.

Markus Däubler

21/03/14 - 11:39


Archaeologists restore the temple of Hadrian in Ephesus


A team of archaeologists from the Austrian Archaeological Institute are restoring the Temple of Hadrian in Ephesus. The antique monument accessible for tourists again by July 2014 leading archaeologist says.

Dominic Horinek

18/04/14 - 14:18

Erasmus suspension looming over Turkey


Erasmus is big in Turkey. Roughly 12.000 students use the exchange program of the European Union to leave the country every year. But now, an alleged corruption scandal in the National Erasmus Agency In Ankara threatens the continuance of the program for Turkey. The possible suspension of Erasmus might alienate young Turks from the EU.

Samuel Philipp Acker

18/03/14 - 16:58

KREK theater stages two new plays this season


Krek theater at Istanbul Bilgi University’s Santral Campus is presenting two new plays this season: “Corpses of My Father” and “The Miss.”

Ceren Öztoprak-Kübra Aksu

7/01/14 - 11:58

Are the students being ripped off at the campus?


Studying in a private university does not make students rich. Everything that is sold from water to cookies at the Bilgi University’s campus has extremely high prices. The result was a boycott held by students at the students’ cafeteria.

Ceren Öztoprak, Kübra Aksu

24/12/13 - 16:25

Poll at Gezi reveals a brand new social phenomenon in Turkey


70 percent of the protesters at the Gezi Park do not feel close to any political party in Turkey and 53.7 percent say that they are taking part in a mass demonstration for the first time, a poll conducted by Istanbul Bilgi University academics among the occupiers of the park revealed.

News, Etc.

5/06/13 - 15:12

Not all Erasmus students are foreigners


“I wanted to experience something completely different.” “I like to know a new countries and cultures.” These are probably the most frequent answers when someone asks an Erasmus student why did he or she chose Istanbul as a destination for exchange study. But there are also others who would probably give you a different answer.

Aleš Černý

6/12/12 - 15:46

For good or bad Tarlabaşı is changing


Tarlabaşı is one of the neighborhoods at the center of Istanbul undergoing urban renewal plans. For some inhabitants it means becoming homeless and for others it is an investment opportunity.

Melanie Bröcker

9/11/12 - 15:23

‘Kind of Cai’: Miles Davis meets flamenco


Fusion jazz combining Spanish Flamenco with Miles Davis inspired notes was performed by a trio from Cadiz, Spain in Istanbul’s jazz club Nardis. Their inspiration came from New York 50 years ago.

Javier Bau Hernandez

17/10/12 - 13:28

Women robbed of their future


Documentary film “Playhouse” tells the story of 5.5 million women in Turkey who are or were child brides. Filmmaker Bingol Elmas explains the stories behind these child marriages.

Sandra Sperling

17/10/12 - 13:11

“Silent witnesses of their times”


Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, widely known as Kapali Carsi (Covered Bazaar) is full of amazing surprises. Murat Bilir who has a liliputian shop selling what he terms as “cultural objects” is one of those surprises. He has a story to go with each artifact he displays.

Silvia Deufel

20/05/12 - 23:40


19 April Saturday

Kronik Medya

Residence permits should not be arrest warrants

Ignacio Pérez Santos

One of the biggest headaches of exchange students is to get residence permits from the Turkish police. They cannot leave the country unless they have these small, blue booklets. But sometimes it takes months to get their permits due to bureaucracy.

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  • David Harvey at Bilgi: Urban organization to beat crises of capitalism

    A different kind of urbanization of which the main movers will be the excluded masses who cannot exercise their right to the city is needed to overcome the recurrent crises of capitalism, famous British social scientist David Harvey told a packed auditorium at the Bilgi University.

    10/06/12 - 23:50

  • Istanbul, the most beautiful and the most ugly”

    Istanbul is the most beautiful city in Europe and at the same time the most ugly one according to Kai Strittmatter, the correspondent of the influential German daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung” who published recently a book entitled “Gebrauchsanweisung für Istanbul” that can be translated as “Users Manual for Istanbul.

    6/05/12 - 21:07

  • German on the road

    The purpose of the program is to motivate young Turks to learn German as their second or third foreign language. For this purpose a German bus has been traveling all over Turkey with young lecturers from Germany taking turns on board since September 2010.

    2/05/12 - 02:47

  • Visiting SALT: A hub of cultural activity

    The place is called simply SALT. It has the widest range of cultural activity from urban problems to film shows. The visitors can contribute too.

    22/12/11 - 03:36

  • Europeans learn Islamic banking

    The crisis shaking the financial world leads to new trends one of which is Islamic banking. In Brussels, two training courses are launched for those who want to learn everything about Islamic banking. ‘If everybody would have banked according to the sharia’, one of the organizers says, ‘there would be no crisis’.

    11/12/11 - 22:42

  • KREK: A complete new approach to theater

    At Santral Istanbul KREK theater is displaying a new approach to dramaturgy. Their works are also going to be performed in Europe.

    25/11/11 - 01:58

  • A ghost story from bustling Beyoglu

    Stories don’t need to be true to be good. The one I’m about to tell you is partly true and partly speculation. Or what else would you expect from a ghost story?

    23/11/11 - 00:57

  • Journalism: A dying profession?

    Next to his job as professor at Bilgi University, Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin is also a renowned journalist whose latest book is called ‘Final notes on a dying profession’ and deals with the future of Turkish media. When it comes to Prof. Dr. Haluk Şahin, that future is anything but rosy.

    15/11/11 - 01:01

  • A traveling Czech in a most unlikely place

    What the heck a Czech girl passing the Islamic feast of sacrifice in a remote village with only five houses in eastern Turkey near the Armenian border? Moreover, she is in this country for the first time.

    6/12/10 - 15:57

  • An English philosopher at football stand

    Stephen Mumford is the head of Humanities School at Nottingham University, U.K. He is a philosophy teacher with a PhD. From Leeds University entitled “Dispositions and Reductionism.” But this introduction should not mislead the reader. He is by no means a long-haired, bearded, spectacled, and pensive philosopher. This is maybe due to his interest in football that goes back to his childhood years.

    25/04/10 - 18:19

  • Polonezkoy: Struggling to preserve its Polish identity

    In the Istanbul suburb, surrounded by woods in the company of wild animals lies a place which used to be called by the inhabitants, the ‘Polish oasis in foreign land’. More than a century-and-half after its foundation Polonezkoy is struggling to retain its Polish character.

    17/10/09 - 17:54